by Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea
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This section is meant for homoeopaths only. Applying the following protocol it may be possible in some instances to reduce the dependence on conventional medicine. The practice in India by licensed doctors such as B.H.M.S, who can reduce pharmaceutical drugs, if deemed appropriate. However, in the U.K, if the patient is requesting the reduction and is deemed fit enough they may consult with the GP about such reduction of medication, then the following protocol may be useful as a guide.

The control lies with the patient who will consult with the conventional medicine prescribing doctor. I have found that with collaboration between medical doctors, patients and homoeopaths this empowers the patient and gives confidence to the process. The involvement in this process may, in some instances, raise the patient’s energy . I do not advise how much medication to be reduced because that should be guided by the G.P/ Doctor. Any reduction in allopathic drugs mentioned in this section is related to my experience in my Indian Homoeopathic Centres. In the U.K it should be done with full consent of the patient and the prescribing medical doctor/ G.P. This do not represent evidence but personal opinion of the patients treated by Dr. Banerjea. Also there is no claim for weaning off is always possible or successful, neither any intention to imply that all such diseases can be improved by homoeopathy. MODERN CLASSICAL-PRACTICAL PRESCRIBING: METHODOLOGY INTRODUCTION: This practical approach for the present drug dependent world is aimed to give you and your patient the confidence that homoeopathy is working within 1st or 2nd follow-up. Also when possible, through gradual reduction of the conventional medication, the patient becomes free from the side effects of the chemicals and develops trust upon you and your prescribing.

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