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These practical sessions are aimed to give you the confidence to show your patients that Homoeopathy is working by the first or second follow-up.

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Modern day classical prescribing:


How to perceive an uncontaminated picture of the natural  disease  according  to  Section  91  of Hahnemann’s Organon. Learn to gradually wean off   conventional chemicals   with   homeopathic organopathics.  A  practical  approach to classical prescribing. a) non-suppressed cases with clear symptoms & b) contaminated cases without clarity of symptoms Case taking & evaluation of symptoms, with emphasis on Miasmatic diagnosis.

Miasmatic interpretation in Chronic prescribing:

Introduction to Miasms: Definition, ten principles of miasms. Miasmatic  philosophy  and  its  utility:  modes  of suppression, uncovering  layers. Why should  we know Miasms? Key words and criteria. Diathesis & miasmatic interpretation, pace of action.

Miasmatic classifications:

Psychic manifestations. Head  to  foot  miasmatic  analysis:  hair,  nose, mouth,  heart,  pulse,  abdomen, skin,  nails, pains, desires, & aversions. Miasmatic  Repertory:  Miasmatic  weightage  of Medicines. Miasmatic interpretation in prescribing. Two   similar   personalities, but dissimilar in Miasmatics

Polychrests: An  unforgettable  pictured  personalities  &  core criteria presentation: Clinical, comparative, gesture, posture,  behavioral  and  miasmatic  MM  with  Dr Banerjea’s well acclaimed “Essence triangle and hexagons  of  polychrests”  Summary  picture  and affinities of leading medicines

Acute  prescribing,  key  points  for  remedy comparisons:

 Cough & cold comparative MM, fever, Laryngitis and sinusitis. Conjunctivitis, cataracts, Hay-fever:  how  to  handle  acute  phase  with organopathic  medicines  and  miasmatic  of  latent stage with chronic anti – miasmatic remedies Meniere’s disease.

Acute prescribing continued.……

Clinical & comparative Materia Medica of: Otalgia and Otitis media Tonsillitis, look and diagnose; spot diagnosis. Paediatric problems, worm infestations.

Tips on Paediatric case taking.

Look and diagnose the baby: Remedies by gesture, Posture, appearance, Homeopathic vaccination schedule with clinical experience (as practiced in slums of Calcutta) Paediatric homoeopathic case taking Leading   remedies  of   Paediatrics,  Crying:  Hear  &  spot  the  remedy.  Post  birth, complications. Enuresis, worms & colic ADHD, autism and learning disabilities with special emphasis of uncommon character features.

Paediatric lecture, continued

Comparative Materia Medica of ADHD Children’s eczema, Stammering: top 9 remedies NBWS (Never been well since in Children) Differentials of delayed milestones. Carrying, spot the baby in the lap! Repertory  of  lesser  known  medicines  used  in Paediatric disorder

Dermatology: Miasmatic  approach  of  prescribing  for  difficult cases: Clinical Materia Medica with miasmatic and comparative  study  through  pictures. Alopecia /hair falling Therapeutics  of  eczema  with  comparative  study through pictures of different eczematous lesions

Dermatology, continued

Acne & warts with comparative study through pictures. Pruritus vulva, ring worm Urticarias & allergies Insect bites, Boils, Burns Diseases of nails with comparative study through pictures of different types of nails.

Gynaecology & obstetrics: scope of mother tinctures of Homeopathic Indian, Himalayan herbs: Menstrual disorders, leucorrhea feminine discharges, and amenorrhea. Ancestral   tips   on common gynaecological disorders; Women’s  neoplastic  disorders  (breast  &  uterine tumours) Pregnancy,  is  it  the  best  time  for  homeopathic treatment? Obstetrical disorders. Homeopathy in pregnancy and labour. cont.

Gynaecology & obstetrics, continued

Neonatal homeopathy Menopausal syndrome Repertory of the lesser known medications used in gynaecological disorders

Rheumatology  &  Homeopathic  approach  in difficult cases:  esp., when well selected remedies fail Comparative  MM  in  Rheumatology,  including lesser known remedies. Homeopathic approach in steroid dependent cases with extensive case reference  from  Dr. Banerjea’s  experience  of handling gross pathologies in India Cervical spondylosis, Pain neck syndrome Backache,  lumbar spondylosis Gout.

Cardiovascular therapeutics:Blood  pressure,  comparative  Materia  Medica  of organopathics Hypertension with raised cholesterol. Comparative Materia Medica of organopathics. Angina  pectoris,  cardiac dropsy, cyanosis,   hemorrhage, palpitations, varicose veins.

Cancer: Scope  of homeopathy  and possible palliative organopathic support: Cancer miasmatic ancestral tips Clinical  tips  on  organopathic  medications  as palliative support Treatment of Cancer, the homeopathic approach Hiding,  deceiving nature  of  malignant disease Aggressive nature of cancer cells, advanced CA remedies Terminal cancer remedies, for palliative support

Urology,  Uro-genital  (male)  disorders  and homeopathy: Miasmatic interpretation of urological disorders, cystitis.Urinary  ancestral tips. Homeopathic diuretics and renal colic Dysuria leading lesser known remedies Clinical & comparative Materia Medica & Clinical case discussion. Uro-genital: Prostate hypertrophy, lesser known Trios; Impotence, Spermatorrhoea

Psychiatry:  including mental essence; key characters of polycrests a)  Audiovisual presentation of mental essence, b)  Psychiatric disorders and its scope of homeopathy, esp. in drug dependent cases Common  personality characters of  Calciums, Kaliums, Natriums. Anxiety, depression. Polychrests   with minute differentiating points. Insomnia, irritability, depression.

Comparative    Materia    Medica    of    different personalities, Also with similarities and dissimilarities of anxiety, apathy, depression, grief Ailments from anticipation. Emotional themes of jealous medicines Fear, anger and its consequences, Gesture & postural Materia Medica.

Look – hear – observe & diagnose Comparative Materia Medica of emotional states

Thyroid,  Adrenal & Diabetes:  Learn  the  key indications of constitutional medicines in treating endocrinal disorders. Importance of understanding Miasmatics in Endocrinal Maladjustments. Learn medicines like Thyroidinum & Folliculinum to help deal with existing problems in Endocrinology

Neurological disorders;Homeopathic clinical therapeutics with miasmatic and comparative MM of leading medicines indicated in terminal dementia.  This session also includes: Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia, migraine, multiple sclerosis and demyelinating disorders & their homeopathic approach.

Neurological disorders continued……

Neuralgias, neurasthenia and brainfag, Parkinson’s syndrome sciatica, tics. Repertory of lesser known medicines used in neurological disorders.

Acidity, Food poisoning, Constipation, Diarrhoea & Dysentery: Alcohol Abuse, Appendicitis, Colic, Colitis, Crohn’s Disease. Handle with Homoeopathy & Lesser known Indian drugs like Aegle Marmelos, Carica Papaya. Comparison  of  Lesser  Known  medicines  with Polycrests. Eg. Robinia & Magnesia Carb Gall Bladder Colic,Gastritis,Haemorrhoids & Fissure.

Ancestral tips on Bronchospasm: Learn the 8 Homoeopathic broncho-dilators to wean off conventional medication. Polycrests in bronchospasm, dust allergy. Learn the prescribing points in bronchitis.

Therapeutics  of  the  lesser  known  meds. including scope of organopathics in this drug dependent world Banerjea family’s ancestral tips to understand the essence of medicine. Scope of mother tinctures. Repertory of the common medicines that can be used in tinctures.

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